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Panic attacks come without any warning and may cause a great deal of helplessness and fear in people. The first step is to know how to recognize the symptoms. Most people suffering from panic attack will experience hyperventilation, choking, sweating, as well as some chest and stomach discomfort and pain. Some of these patients may also experience depersonalization.

What Causes Panic Attacks?

Stressful situations and events are the most common causes of panic attacks. Some attacks might be associated with inherited predisposition to anxiety disorders, especially if someone in your family had similar problems. Extreme fears of objects or certain events, better known as phobias may also be the reason behind the panic attack. Some hart problems or other medical conditions, abuse and withdrawal from different substances can also be cause of these problems, while some of these people may still be re-living traumatic events from their past and thus experiencing panic attack.

How to Help Yourself?

Panic attacks are something that can be avoided and cured, so there is no reason to be negative about them, regardless their severity.

First of all visit your doctor and talk with him about your problem. Some people might use medications straight away, but if you can don’t use them. Drugs can cause adverse effects on your body and besides that, there are some more natural ways to relieve all the anxiety and panic you experience.Read about your problem and learn how your body reacts in panic attack. Many people found the books helpful and they say that anxiety was not so powerful after reading about this topic. Among simple things you can do is to avoid sugar and caffeine, since both of these substances are known to increase hyperactivity.

Cardio, yoga and any other forms of exercises are great for people suffering from panic attack, because they reduce the stress and therefore lead to less anxiety. Meditation is also helpful. It will teach you to become aware of your thoughts and panic triggers.

Don’t be ashamed of your reactions during panic attack, since this is only the way your body responds to your thought. Just let it go or try to make it funny and the fear will be long gone. Talk and encourage yourself, saying all the things that make you worthy and safe. Face whatever you are afraid of. You will survive and also feel much better after some time. Some people wear rubber band around the wrist and use it to regain control over their body, once the panic overwhelms them.

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