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Kidney Infection

Kidneys, found under the rib cage, are responsible for the removal of waste and the purification of the blood. Also, these two kidneys are responsible for the removal of excess water. Nephrons are small units in the kidneys and they are the ones who do the blood purifying. In one kidney there are more than millions of nephrons. Urine production is also done by the kidneys and this aids the waste removal via urine. Levels of potassium and calcium are maintained by the kidneys, which are also responsible for the blood pressure regulation. As you can see, kidneys are very important for us, so it is very important to keep them healthy. But there are kidney infections that can be very harmful for our body and lead to the health conditions that can even cause death.


First we will see which are the signs of the kidney infection. Kidneys are the ones that start the process of blood purification and this is why blood poisoning and other complications can occur due to neglected kidney infection. Diabetes, pregnancy and cancer are some of the conditions that can cause kidney infection. Also, kidney infection is usually caused by bladder or urinary tract infection and kidney stones.

We will now list some of the most common symptoms and signs associated with the kidney infection. One of the symptoms of urinary tract infection is frequent urination and this also signalizes kidney infection. To this we can also add burning sensation while urinating. Kidney infection is mostly seen through these symptoms. Kidney infection is sometimes accompanied by a fever and if it is not treated, you may suffer additional complications. Back ache and chills can sometimes come along with the kidney infection and if this happens, you should contact a doctor. Lower back tenderness and pain felt under the rib cage are also symptoms of kidney infection. Pain felt on the right side is mostly associated with the kidney infection and this is what doctors’ first check.

Kidney infection during the pregnancy can cause pain below the waist. Weakness and fatigue are additional symptoms then and they are sometimes mistaken for other conditions since they are common. Bladder infection can lead to kidney infection so bladder infection must be treated in time. Chills and vomiting can be caused by several diseases along with the kidney infection. Kidney disease can be seen from the shivering and nausea, which are the first symptoms of this disease. The infection in question must be treated because it can lead to kidney failure and maybe even death. Pyelonephritis is a medical name used for kidney infection.

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