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Excessive Sweating and Sweating inGeneral

People sweat. This is a fact whichgrants our body possibility to regulate its temperature and get ridof excessive fluids. Therefore, we sweat when we heat up our body tohigh temperatures, either by exposure to certain hot environments orby exercising hard. However, there are other way of sweating as wellsince there are other needs of our body to cool itself. Either way,this process is quite healthy and useful most of the times it takesplace. Through sweating, our body re-establishes its balanceregarding heat and temperature, while, at the same time, ejecting allthe harmful substances out through the pores on our skin.Nevertheless, there are cases of sweating when the cause is far frombeneficial. This is mainly the case with excessive sweating whichtakes place for no specific reasons, making one's life significantlyharder. In such situations, there is a high likelihood that somethingis wrong with our health.

Unhealthy Causes of Excessive Sweating

Since we all sweat differently and indifferent amounts, there is no ideal measure of healthy sweating.Still, abnormal quantities of sweat leaving your body can be easilynoticed and are a subject of concern. Diabetes can be one of severalillnesses which can cause excessive sweating. On the other hand,hypothyroidism can cause this as well. Therefore, any case ofpersistent heavy sweating which troubles you for a longer period oftime may be a sign of one of these illnesses.

Since, when we lose fluids throughsweating, we need to compensate for our loses by drinking water.Thus, we are supposed to feel thirsty after losing water throughsweat. If there is no cure for thirst, and water intake does nothelp, it is best to seek medical assistance and have your bodyexamined.

As for other reasons behind thiscondition, hyperhidrosis, which is a condition manifesting throughexcessive sweating due to overactive sweat glands, can be the case aswell. Finally, certain medications may have this phenomenon as aside-effect.

In order to control your sweating, youare to find the reason behind it. If you have been exercising or havebeen exposing your body to heat, sweating is completely naturalbecause of the temperature imbalances your organism is fighting.However, for all other reasons, you should seek medical assistancesince there are quite serious conditions which can cause thissweating and taking timely action against them is a must.

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