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Trapped wind is not uncommon and in majority of cases it is not dangerous at all but it can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing for the person who suffers from it.

It is completely natural for the human digestive system to produce gas. It gets problematic when the excess gas builds up and it is not able to get out.

This usually happens for four reasons. One of the reasons are certain foods, like beans, onions, root vegetables and cauliflower. The digestion of these foods produces more gas and this is a fact known to most people.

The second reason is an imbalance in the bacteria levels inside the intestines. This makes it hard for the system to break down certain ingredients it has to work harder and this results in increased amounts of gas.

Carbonated drinks like sodas are another causer of trapped gas.

Some people do not chew their food enough or they gulp their drinks which makes them swallow more air than they should and it leads to gas build up.

In order to avoid problems with wind it is important to keep track of which foods may be causing it and to avoid them in the future. This can be easily done by taking notes of foods ingested and their possible consequences to the digestive system.

Chewing food thoroughly eating small bites and taking smaller sips will prevent the swallowing of air.

Fizzy drinks are best avoided by persons who often suffer from trapped gas.

Since bacteria that live in our intestines can contribute to gas build-up it is important to keep them balanced. This can easily be done by taking on a healthy, varied diet.

It is not common for children to have painful symptoms of trapped wind so if they occur it is best to consult a pediatrician.

In adults, trapped wind is usually not a cause for concern however if it persists and becomes more intense it is recommended to talk to a doctor.

As for a treatment there are many over-the-counter products that can help with trapped wind. Anti-flatulent medications that contain dimethicone or Simethicone are effective because they break the gas bubbles into larger bubbles that are easier to expel.

There are also many different natural and home remedies for trapped wind. If a person decides to try out these alternative forms of treatment they should consult a homeopath or nutritionist or ask in a natural products and remedies store.

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