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Painful Hand Issues – Background and Basic Information

Upon viewing the structure of the hand more closely, we come to realize that it is an entire micro system comprised of a great number of minute and different bones, as well as muscles and ligaments. These are vital and responsible for a hand’s movement and its skillfulness. All the bones that are situated in the hand itself can be divided into three larger groups:

Phalanges, the group comprised of no less than 14 bones situated in person’s fingers of both hands, including the toes of both feet. Every finger of ours has in it three of the bones from this group, i.e. distal, middle and proximal, to be more precise, whereas our thumb has only two of them. Metacarpal Bones, which refers to the five bones that are situated in that middle part of our hand. Carpal Bones, the group which refers to those eight bones that are responsible for forming the wrist. In addition, these are directly connected to the bones of our arms, radius and also ulnar bone.

Fairly Frequent and Unpleasant Problems

When it comes to this part of our body there can occur, unfortunately, many related problems and unpleasant conditions, which make it a lot more difficult to do about your business in a satisfactory manner, at the same time making your regular daily activities difficult to manage. Among the most frequently encountered hand related problematic conditions are:

Arthritis is the condition that refers to the inflammation in person’s joints. It also tends to spread in many other areas of a person’s wrist and hands, making it extremely unpleasant and difficult to bring under control. The side-effect pain might appear from various sources, and some of them include the inflammation of the lining of the joint (med. synovial membrane), tissue cords (med. tendons) and ligaments. Osteoarthritis is the condition that affects the joints and that is also known as degenerative joint disease. This variant is the most frequently occurring type of arthritis, especially, when it comes to older population. Its rather slow progression character makes it extremely difficult to bear and its primary target areas are hands and those joints in the body that are responsible for bearing the great amounts of weight. If this variant of arthritis occurs in hand and hips, then there is great possibility that it is inherited. Other common causes include various injuries, fatigue and muscle strain.

Among other common culprits of hand pain is also Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (median nerve compression), which causes numerous difficulties in hand movement such as having hard time with making a fist, gripping objects firmly, and pain and numbness in hands.


The best treatment methods and techniques include:

splinting of the handemployment of anti-inflammatory medicationssurgery

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