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There are two questions which should be answered when the hip and pain in lower back is in case. It often does not mean anything so you do not have to worry.

After following some statistics it is discovered that such pain comes from your spine and makes you feel like that. You should not be frightened.

The first question is, what that pain really is?

Hip pain is not really the pain in the hip. People usually do not know what a hip is and they think that it is a problem with the low spine area. Simply it is not the case.

Hip really is the place where legs touch pelvis. However if you have pain in the lower back what comes is very important for you.

Sacro-Iliac joint turns out to be painful because this joint is particular. It has no disc and is not flexible so it is easy to hurt it. This joint is used very frequently while you move.

The second question is, how may I free myself of this pain?

To prevent a serious health problems it is sometimes better to feel the pain, so you can react in time.

Since it is good to feel the pain, which can show you that there is a problem and that something is wrong, that will make you go to the doctor for a proper diagnosis.

There are four major reasons for Sacro-iliac pain (tight muscles, weak muscles, joint movement and pelvic balance). Disproportion of pelvis causing Sacro-iliac pain also gives pain in lower back. The reason is that the same for other three mentioned factors. Not treating all main reasons, which bring you the Sacro-iliac pain will last only for a short time and the pain will return much stronger.

It is essential to help yourself free from the pain. The most important thing is to see what brings your pain. For sure it is not inappropriate getting up or bad way of sitting for a long time. It must bi the problem in your spine which for sure is present. If it is so you must cure your muscle and joints.

First of all the symptoms and the cause must be recognized to accomplish complete curing. Ice and heating treatments, Acupressure and anti-inflammatory methods can cure your spinal disorder.You must be treated like an individual to prevent and cure both the pain and the reason of its existence in your lower back because everyone is unique and needs exact appropriate program for curing.

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