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Liver Sclerosis

Liver sclerosis, known as cirrhosis, is a disease characterized by weakened liver where its healthy tissues get replaced by scar tissues. Because of that, liver function gets affected. Liver becomes unable to manufacture proteins that regulate blood clotting. In liver sclerosis blood flow through the organ is blocked therefore waste material and toxins cannot be filtered out in the blood. Also, the liver inefficiently fights against infections. Apart from that, liver stops secreting bile and due to that cannot absorb fats and process nutrients. Liver cirrhosis has several stages. In terminal stage of the liver cirrhosis the liver is unable to regenerate damaged cells. When liver function is impaired, the whole body suffers.

Causes for Sclerosis of the LiverSclerosis of the liver may develop due to various reasons. Frequently, the cause lies in heavy drinking of alcohol for extended period of time which is very harmful to the liver. Liver sclerosis may be caused by nonalcoholic fatty liver disease which features build up fat in the liver. Chronic hepatitis B, C and D or autoimmune hepatitis may also result in liver sclerosis. Some inherited diseases may lead to this condition too such as cystic fibrosis and Wilson’s disease. Liver sclerosis can also result from obesity or build up bile in the liver. Jaundice can sometimes cause sclerosis of the liver.

Symptoms of Sclerosis of the Liver

Early stage of the cirrhosis, usually doesn’t show any symptoms while progressed disease may include lots of signs and symptoms. Common symptom of liver sclerosis is jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes) because of accumulated bilirubins in the blood. Fatigue and weakness also follow sclerosis of the liver. Person suffering from liver sclerosis usually experiences loss of appetite and consequently weight loss. Affected parson may experience abdominal pain, bloating and itching too. Additionally, one of the signs of liver sclerosis is easy bruising.

Treatment for the Liver Sclerosis

When the type and stage of the liver sclerosis is determined, the treatment is aimed at stopping progression of the liver sclerosis. However, this treatment cannot reverse the damage already caused by cirrhosis. Complications of this disease can be fatal therefore they must be prevented and treated.

Treatment depends on the cause of sclerosis of the liver. If this disease occurred as a result of alcoholism, a patient must withdraw from alcohol as well as alter his or her diet. If sclerosis of the liver developed due to chronic hepatitis, the doctor will administer steroids. If viral hepatitis led to cirrhosis, the patient will have to take specific medications that will help to improve the immune system. When Wilson’s disease results in sclerosis of the liver, the patient will be given medications to eliminate accumulated copper from the liver.

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