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A sore, red area will appear on the skin eventually turning into a boil, it is also known as a skin abscess. This boil will then go rather solid to the touch and after that when it starts to fill with the white blood cells it will go soft in the middle. The body has sent the white blood cells to the site of the boil to help wrestle the infection. When the white blood cells are present with the proteins coupled with the bacteria it is then known as pus. When the pus has filled the boil you will notice a head which is white in color, it then can be ruptured manually or it will drain on its own accord.What is the Reason for Boils

There are various reasons for boils to occur. Sometimes, if you have an ingrown hair and have left it in the skin, then an infection can accumulate. In other cases there could have been a splinter that was not completely removed. Especially in cases of acne a boil is formed because of clogged up pores and sweat glands.Which People are Most Likely to Get Boils

Absolutely any person can get a boil from children to men to women to the elderly. People who take certain medications are more prone to getting boils because of the decrease in the body’s immune system. People that suffer with conditions with the kidneys and/or diabetes are also more prone to boils because of their immune system break down.

Different Types of Treatment for a Boil

More often than not people can take care of the boil at home if it is just a basic one. However don’t wait until the head appears before you do something about it, as soon as you witness the start of a boil you should act straightaway. The most common type of treatment is through using a high temperature on a heat pad or a form of a hot soak. People use this method because the heat will stimulate the blood circulation in the vicinity of the boil. By encouraging the blood to the site you are also encouraging the white blood cells to arrive. Do not attempt to open up the boil before its ready. Wait until you can see a visible head and the boil has got squishier. Sometimes if the boil is large then its best to go to the doctor and they will drain it for you because they may need to give you some antibiotics.

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