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Boils are painful formations of the skin filled with puss. They can form on the every part of the body but there are certain predilection places where they appear more. These include face, neck, armpits, shoulders and buttocks. The skin infection of the follicles is actually a real cause of majority of boils. The affected skin is in the beginning of the process of inflammation red and tender. The bumps are getting bigger and they are at first firm. As the puss is starting to collect the boils change and become softer and the yellow color of the puss becomes more visible. The treatment of boils has to start on time and be appropriate as the infection can spread onto the deeper structures beneath the skin and cause certain complications.

Causes of Boils

There are plenty of causes that lead to boil formation. Out of all one infective agent, a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus, is considered to be the leading culprit of this skin condition. If the boil is caused by this bacterium the treatment needs to start promptly since the bacteria can multiply rather rapidly and affect the surrounding tissue. There is a variety of antibiotics that are efficient in elimination of the infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus. So after the initial multiplication of the bacteria the body reacts with the production of the specific white blood cells that are in charge with the destruction of bacteria. The puss which is present in a boil is a mixture of bacteria, their products and dead skin cells.

Another possible culprit of this annoying condition is improper diet. Those people whose diet is rich in fats and sugar are more prone to boils. This especially refers to teenagers as they are the major consumers of so called junk food.

Weak immune system may be responsible for inappropriate protection against infections. So people who are immunocompromised are at higher risk of developing this and some other skin infections. Even those who are taking immunosuppressants such as corticosteroid are prone to boils.

Diabetics are another group of people susceptible to skin boils. Even people with kidney failure can develop boils as their immune system does not function correctly.

In people whose immune system is working properly skin boils are mostly induced by an ingrown hair.

Acne boils develop as a consequence of accumulation of sweat and dirt inside the glands and the gland cannot drain properly.

In some cases boils occur after the exposure to certain chemicals.

And finally, all those who do not maintain hygiene of the skin are definitely at higher risk of boil formation.

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