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Many people often experience wrist pain and in that way it is very common. As there are many causes for this, accurate diagnosis has to be made to treat the pain adequately. Some of the most common causes include: tendonitis, which causes wrist pain and swelling because of the inflammation of the tendon sheath, and does not require surgery; wrists sprains are very common as well, when a person injures the ligaments of the joint and the sprain can limit the use of that hand; the Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when the median nerve is trapped or compresses as it passes through the joint, and can cause dysfunction of some of the nerves in the wrist; arthritis causes wrist pain and makes performing regular activities difficult, but it has several treatments available, depending on its cause; ganglion cyst manifests as a swelling on the back of the hand or wrist, but these cysts are benign and not cancerous, so they will not spread, but can grow in size; fractures are another common injury and the treatment includes a cast or surgery for a more serious case.

The treatment of wrist pain has to be given to treat the problem, so a visit to the doctor is necessary to determine the direct cause of the pain. There are some signs you should pay attention to and tell to the doctor if an injury causes the pain and deformity or if the pain occurs at night or during rest; pain persistent for more than a few days; inability to carry objects, or use arms; inability to flex or straighten the joint; any swelling or bruising and its location; any signs of infections, among which are fever, redness, warmth; any other symptoms out of the ordinary.

Each of these symptoms and conditions can be treated differently, but there are some things that can apply to most of the wrist joint problems. The first and best thing to do in the beginning is to stop or lessen the activities where the pain manifests and rest the joint so the inflammation can pass. The joint should not be immobilized completely as that will cause stiffness. Applying ice and heat packs to the joint will decrease the pain and inflammation. In serious wrist injuries, wrist support or braces are necessary for successful healing to take place. They support the wrist in its daily activities. Pain medication can be used if the pain is too great but those have to be prescribed by the doctor. Some wrist injuries and condition need surgery to diagnose and cure the problem.

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