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Wrist pain causes

Many people tend to suffer from some kind of wrist pain, and it can often be hard to diagnose, since there are many possible causes for the pain.

However, in order to treat the pain properly, a person needs to make the most accurate diagnosis possible.

There are many possible conditions that can lead to wrist pain.

Tendonitis is one of the more common conditions that lead to wrist pain. When a person has tendonitis of the wrist, the wrist will usually be swollen and inflamed.

A wrist sprain is another common cause. This is an injury of the ligaments that are located around the wrist joint and are vital to the movement of the wrist. When a person has a sprained wrist, they will have serious problems moving the wrist.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can also cause problems with the wrist, and this problem is usually associated with the nerves.

When a person has this condition, the median nerve is compressed, or pinched.

Arthritis is another common problem. When a person has arthritis, moving the wrist can be painful. This is seen most commonly in older people because their bones and tendons have deteriorated over the years.

Another possible problem with the wrist is a ganglion cyst, which usually causes swelling on the back of the hand and the wrist. Even though these types of cysts are benign, they can cause discomfort. They are not cancerous, but they can spread and grow, which will lead to further pain and discomfort in the area.

Another possible problem is a fracture, which is when a bone in the wrist is broken.Treatments

The best treatment for any type of wrist-related problem is to get a lot of rest and to limit activities that involve the wrist. It is important to give time for the swelling and inflammation to go down, and any further activities with the wrist might make the problem even worse.

In order to make sure that you are not moving the wrist too much, it would be a good idea to immobilize it with some kind of cast.

Ice and heat application is also a great way to decrease the inflammation and swelling of the wrist. It will numb the pain as well temporarily as the wrist heals up.

It is also a good idea to by some type of wrist support, such as a brace, especially if a wrist sprain is leading to the pain.

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