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Tendonitis (Tendinitis) is the inflammation of a fibrous connective tissue called tendon that connects the muscle to the bone.Acute and repetitive trauma can cause tendonitis. Regardless of trauma type the tendonitis treatment is the same.

Tendonitis causes

Tendonitis can be caused by repetitive joint movements, in this case finger or wrist movements. Contact with vibrating equipment also increases the risk of developing tendonitis in wrist area.

Tendonitis prevention

Since many daily activities (both fun and work based) require the use of wrists and cannot be avoided, it is wise to perform them in the most safe and comfortable way possible. Working at the computer does not seem like a dangerous activity, but in long term it can cause serious damage to the wrists. Therefore using ergonomic equipment such as ergonomic keyboards and mice is recommended. Taking regular brakes requires little discipline and reduces the amount of stress to your wrists considerably. Vibration is quite stressful for whole body. To reduce the stress amount on your wrists and hands, when using vibrating equipment, gloves and vibration absorbing pads should be used. While using tools, choosing the most comfortable grip helps reduce wrist stress.Using proper body mechanics prevents necessary stress to the wrist and reduces chances of tendonitis. Following a few guidelines can prevent repetitive stress to the wrists and keep them healthy. Regular recreation and proper nutrition keep the whole body strong and healthy. This makes the joints more resilient and they suffer less stress from weight. Learning to use different muscle groups than the ones used regularly reduces wrist fatigue.

Therapy for wrist tendonitis home care

In simple cases of tendonitis successfully recovery is possible with home treatment. Using ice on the wrist will reduce inflammation effects and increase blood flow. Non steroidal anti inflammatory medication decreases swelling and reduces pain and inflammation. This type of drugs can be acquired over the counter. After the symptoms have been reduced it is advised to strengthen the injured area with exercise.

Professional tendonitis treatment

If the home care methods do not reduce tendonitis symptoms local medical facility should be contacted. The doctor can recommend various recovery treatments. Wrist splint immobilizes the wrist and reduces repetitive stress to the wrist. Ultrasound therapy can be used to reduce fluid build up and swelling. Exercise and physical therapy can be prescribed to strengthen the injured area. In serious cases of tendonitis surgery may be required. This happens in serious cases and is the last option. Surgery removes soft tissue surrounding the tendon giving it more room to move, free of irritation. In some cases tendon lacks a smooth surface to move over which causes irritation. Surgery can be used to smoothen the surface or realign the tendon.

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