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Introduction to neck muscle spasms

Neck muscle spasms usually occur when the muscles in that area of the body are overworked and do not get enough oxygen.

The small part of the spine that is located inside the neck is referred to as the cervical spine, and this is the most vulnerable part of the spine that is most prone to injury.

It is also where neck spasms occur.

This area has a lot of muscles and ligaments as well, but they are not always enough to protect this part of the spine from injury.

Strains and sprains of the neck muscles are two very different things. Strains are usually injuries of the muscles or tendons, which sprains are injuries to ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, joint capsules, cartilage or bursae.

The neck muscle spasm is usually referred to as a type of strain.


They are usually caused by a whiplash injury, which many people who were in car accidents suffer from, but they can also occur from keeping the neck in an awkward position for a long time, putting too much stress and tension on the neck muscles, like when people headbang at metal and rock shows. Neck spasms can also occur due to bad posture, poor sleeping posture, or excessive overhead work.

Usually, the muscle spasms are not that severe and go away quickly, but the pain and discomfort can get worse if a person delays treatment or aggravates the injury further.

There are also exercises that can help with a person’s recovery from neck spasms.


There are some easy treatments for neck muscles spasms that a person can perform in the privacy of their own home.

It is a good idea to put both hands behind the head and pull the chin towards the right collarbone with the arms, but to stay as relaxed as possible while doing so.

Then, hold this position for about ten seconds, go back to the starting position, and repeat, but moving to the left side of the collarbone.

You can also put your hands on your sides and squeeze the shoulder blades inside, holding the position for five seconds.

Do this about 30 times in sets of three while taking short breaks in between each set.

Bed rest is also very important, to give the neck muscles tie to heal themselves.

It is also a good idea to apply some moist heat over the neck, which will provide relief from the discomfort.

Massaging the neck with ice cubes is also a good idea for getting rid of the soreness.

If you are suffering from constant neck muscle spasms then you must visit the doctor as soon as possible.

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