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There are lots of situations where people might pull the muscle in neck. In these situations the first thing people want to know what is it that they can do in order to relieve the pain and treat the condition.

How common is this kind of an injury?

Doctors claim that this type of an injury is pretty common. People need to know that there are lots of ways they can pull the muscle in neck. Doctors also agree that the neck is the worst place a person can pull a muscle. The main reason why that is so, is because people need the neck in almost all the daily activities. In cases when a muscle is pulled, every movement of the neck, no matter how small, will cause a lot of pain and discomfort. A lot of people do not even realize just how much they move their neck during the day until they have pulled a muscle in neck.

The causes

People need to know that the reasons for a pulled muscle in neck are the same as the reasons for any pulled muscle in the body. Overstressing the muscle in the neck will definitely cause a muscle pull. It is important to know that every muscle has its limits and that it is important not to cross those limits. A sudden cross of that limit will result in muscle sprain. A wrong motion is a pretty common cause of muscle pull. Swinging the head awkwardly is all that it takes for a muscle to become strained. However, the most common cause of a pulled neck muscle is sleeping or even sitting in a position that is not normal for a long period of time. Changing the pillow too often can lead to muscle pull.

The symptoms

People should not have problems diagnosing a pulled muscle because the symptoms are quite obvious. Sharp pain occurs when a person moves the head even the slightest. A person will also notice difficulty when he or she tries to move the neck from side to side as well. Muscle spasms are a common inconvenience in these situations as well.


The first thing a person should do when he or she has pulled a neck muscle is to apply ice packs several times during the day. Most people use ibuprofen or some other anti-inflammatory drug in this situation. Heat pad should be applied once the swelling is gone. Hot water baths help as well. Stretch exercises for the neck should not be performed before the pain subsides.

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