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Our foot contains twenty four boneswhich spread along the length and width of the foot. All these bones forman arch and are connected with each other and the foot by means oftissue fiber called ligaments. Whenever something goes wrong in thisdelicate system of bones, tissue and muscles, pain is likely tooccur.

Since our feet are those who, most ofthe time, bear the entire weight and force of our and connect us tothe ground and thereby to the world around us, they are experiencinga large amount of stress daily. This may cause damage to occur eitherafter repetitive straining of the tissue or physical hurting of thefoot by an outside factor. For example, if a person walks incorrectlyfor most of his/her life the long term damage is created gradually bystressing and straining all the bones and muscles in our footincorrectly. Additionally, bad footwear with low quality foot supportand force absorption only add on the possibility of permanentlydamaging the arch of our foot. External factors, such as somethingheavy falling on your foot or somebody stepping on it may not beserious in some cases, but in others may cause a serious injury.

When arch pain occurs, one of themethods for treating it in the privacy of your home. Rest is, inmost cases, the best medicine since tissues need time regenerating,and bruises and similar wound all take time healing. Sport bandagesare also known to help since they put all the elements inside ourfoot into place. If you feel pain you may buy some medications suchas painkillers for which you do not have to have a prescription.Applying ice cubes wrapped in a piece of clothing can help inreducing the swelling and inflammation of the arch.

Following medical advice, some of thesolutions might be exercising without applying impact force to thefeet by using exercise machines with fixed foot places or a bicycle.Changing your typical type of footwear may be of significant help, orusing corrective shoe pads. Exercises for improving and strengtheningthe foot tissues and muscles are highly recommendable since they mayprevent further injuries of this body part. If any pain isexperienced during these recovery exercises, over-the-counterpainkillers can be used to help you endure the healing process.Additionally, consulting with your doctor during the whole recoverycan only help and improve it.

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