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In the past, back pain in the higher region was not as nearly present as back pain in the lumbar region. Nowadays the situation reversed. The thoracic cage of the body can cause disc issues, strained muscles and various aches and pains. Most of the time if you are suffering with pain in the thoracic area of your back then it is probably because of sitting, walking or sleeping incorrectly and even by simply lifting an object in the wrong lifting position.

What are the Causes of Upper Back Pain

People that suffer with arthritis or possibly pneumonia may also consequently have a pain in the upper back region. Because pneumonia affects directly the person’s lungs with a bacterial infection then this will put pressure on the upper back due to coughing. Too many people ignore the pain in the back that keeps them awake in the night because they think it’s nothing serious.

More Serious Complications

Unfortunately it can be quite the opposite, such as a severe issue with the lungs and/or the respiratory system. As mentioned issues like pneumonia and also tuberculosis can be directly connected with pains in the upper back. As well as these two, lung cancer can also contribute to the pain and if you suffer with chronic sneezes. An obvious reason for back pain can be due to experiencing an injury but also if upper back pain is in your family tree then you will be more than likely a candidate for the same issue.

Diagnosing the Root of Your Upper Back Pain

Do some research and speak to your family to see if there is any evidence to suggest your pain might be hereditary. To make a diagnose is a matter of working your way through the list. It’s very easy to get prescribed some pills to ease the pain but it’s so important to start ruling out the possibilities and get to the root of the problem for peace of mind and also to eliminate the more possible serious complications. Book an appointment with your doctor and get ready to go through with him your family history or possible back issues, illnesses, diseases and also go through with the doctor and recent injuries or traveling you have done. The doctor will want to go through a whole array of questions with you and will want to do an x ray and possibly an MRI scan to see if there any issues that they may detect from the examinations.

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