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In agreat number of respiratory diseases, the inflammation of the lungs appears asa symptom. Despite this fact, inflammation of the lungs is considered bymany to be more serious as condition than only as a symptom. Pleurisy is the medical term for theinflammation of the lungs. When it occurs, the coverings of the lungs areaffected and not the parenchymatous lung tissue. The lungs aresurrounded by the pleura, which is made of two layers. Pleural effusion is amedical term for the condition when fluid builds up between the two layers incases when the pleura is inflamed. When this fluid passes into theparenchymatous lung tissue, it can lead to the inflammation of the lung tissueas well.

Causes of inflammation of thelungs

The two most common causes of thelungs inflammation are pneumonia and tuberculosis. In the majority ofcases, pneumonia is caused by the bacteria called Streptococcus pneumonia.However, it can also be caused by some viruses, and by fungi in cases ofpeople with a weak immune system. When one suffers from pneumonia, he/shehas also the inflammation of the lung tissue. The most common symptoms of thiscondition are difficulty while breathing, chest pain while breathing andcoughing up mucus.

Tuberculosis is caused by thebacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This infection of the lungs is veryserious and contagious. Chronic cough, coughing up phlegm, night sweatsand fever are some of the most common signs of tuberculosis, and they should beimmediately treated since otherwise, certain complications to the spleen andthe brain may occur. Almost every autoimmune disease may be a potentialcause for the occurrence of the inflammation of the lungs. Pulmonary embolism,lung cancer and inflammatory bowel disease, as well as systemic lupuserythematosus are some of the autoimmune diseases that are considered to causepleurisy.

Symptoms of inflammation ofthe lungs

One of the symptoms of pleurisyis fever, and it can be acute or recurring and may appear along with chills.Furthermore, coughing up green mucus, or even blood in some severe cases,problems with breathing and shortness of breath are also some of the signs ofinflammation of the lungs. Many people who suffer from pleurisy mayexperience sharp chest pain or congestion and heaviness in the chest. Becauseof that, they cannot breathe deeply and usually take shallow and rapid breaths.Moreover, there are cases when people with pleurisy complain about the loss ofthe body weight, although their appetite was increased.

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