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Chest pain is often freaking people out. When it happens on the right side, most people are assured that it’s not heart attack, but they are usually still very nervous about the pain. It may happen when they bend to pick something up, or when they sneeze or cough, and for some vomiting can also provoke intense chest pain. The problem may arise occasionally, or happen somewhat regularly, several times a week. Patients report pain in the chest, which can be accompanied by painful sensations in other parts of the body, such as: pelvis, back side or under the armpits.

There are many causes and different symptoms connected to the pain on the right side of the chest, and they can be related to some heart problems or completely unrelated. Some of the usual health issues that can cause right chest pain are: heartburn, stress, inflammation of the liver and gallbladder and lung problems.


In some people, food they eat can re-enter their mouth (which is also known as regurgitation), and this problem could also provoke serious burning and pain behind the sternum.


In some cases, doctors can’t find anything wrong with your body that could cause your chest pains. It’s very likely that psychological stress caused your symptoms. People leading sedentary lifestyle and working long hours in stressful environment can also suffer from chest pains on the right side. Physical and psychological stress can both negatively affect your health and provoke chest pain.

Liver Inflammation

Inflammation of the liver can also be presented with frequent chest pains. If you happen to experience chest pain very often, it’s best to consult your doctor and check the condition of your liver.

Gallbladder Diseases

Any problems arising in the gallbladder can lead to intense pain on the right side of the chest and abdominal area of the body. Gall stones and gallbladder surgery may also provoke same painful sensations and these should be taken seriously, because they can indicate a very serious health condition. Every gallbladder problem must be checked and controlled, in order to avoid further complications like right side chest pain.

Lung-related Problems

Inflammation of lung membrane (called pleura), infection of the lungs or even asthma can cause your chest pain, too. Pneumonia is one of the infections of the lungs known to cause chest pain, due to the pus buildup in the alveoli. Children suffering from asthma or adult people suffering from the same but serious form of the disease can sometimes experience intense pain on the right side of the chest.

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