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Even though many men actually enjoy if a woman has large breasts, if breasts are way too big they can be a source of many complications. In women with naturally large breasts there is an increased chance of back pain and since the gravity is a magical thing such breasts will eventually lose elasticity and start to hang. The negative effects of having large breasts can go to such an extent that a person may develop serious spinal deformity and repetitive stress injuries to the shoulder and upper limbs.

What are Negative Effects of Having Large Breasts?

The major problem of having large breasts is their weight. Namely, the excess of weight puts too much pressure to the spine and leads to specific deformities and associated pain. The abnormal posture additionally causes pressure to the shoulder area and several more problems. The pain is also associated with so called 'thoracic outlet syndrome'. In this syndrome some of the structures of the superior thoracic outlet (nerves or blood vessels) are compressed and the pain is the major characteristic of the compression.

Back Pain and Exercising in Women with Large Breasts

The problem with pain in women with large breasts tends to become even more prominent if a woman starts to exercise and if she is physically active. Repeated breast movement especially in case of high-impact exercises leads to acute pain. The muscles that are trying to support very large breasts are under too much stress. Such women are recommended to purchase specially created and customized bras and sport bras that can distribute weight of the breast to a wider area and this way reduce muscle strain as well as improve the overall breast positioning.

The Last Option for Women with Large Breast and Back Pain

The problem with large breasts can be easily solved. It is essential to undertake certain steps and decide what is best for a patient and from what treatment she will benefit most. Prior recommending certain treatments the doctor is due to asses the postural dysfunction of the upper back and shoulders as well as the position of the pelvis.

The problems can be easily dealt with surgical correction a breast reduction surgery. The enlarged breasts are surgically reduced and the pain in the upper back and shoulder is effectively alleviated. Many women with large breasts opt for breast reduction once they start to deal with serious complications associated with the very size of their breasts. Even though breast reduction is a surgery that leaves scars many women opt for it since they simply cannot deal with problems and pain that originates from the heavy load of enlarged breasts.

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