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Introduction to mid-back pain

Just like in the case of any other back pain, the person who is experiencing this problem will be have to face a great deal of discomfort and pain. Sometimes the pain can be debilitating completely, depend on the severity and intensity, of course.

When we are speaking about the mid-back region, we are talking about the region of the spin from below the neck to the bottom of the rib cage.

Within this region, people feel back pain in many different specific regions. Some people might feel the pain somewhere between the shoulder blades, while others will have more pain closer to the ribs.

Also, the severity of the pain usually depends on the cause and the location.


There are many different causes for pain in this area of the back. This type of pain can be caused by illness or from direct trauma, for example, if a person was injury in a car accident or while playing a very physical and rough sport.

One of the most common causes of this type of back pain is a ruptured disc.

This is also usually referred to as a slipped disc and it can cause severe pain at times.

This occurs when the cushion that is located between the spinal vertebrae pushes out of its regular position, and, it then usually puts pressure on the spinal cord or some of the spinal nerves, which is where the pain comes from initially.

The spot of the pain will depend on what area of the back the ruptured disc occurs in at first, but it may spread later on.

Another common cause of mid-back pain is called spinal stenosis, which usually comes as a result of the aging process. When the body gets older, conditions like arthritis can lead to a constriction of the spinal canal, which can cause back pain.

Lumbar spine arthritis is another possible cause of pain in this region of the back. Even though most people know arthritis as a condition that affects the joints of the hands and legs, it can also effect the small joints that are located in the spine and cause pain to this central area of the back.

Osteoporosis can also cause back pain. When this condition is present, that means that the bones in the body have weakened, which can result in numerous problems relating to the bones. The pain in the back that results from this problem is usually caused by compression fractures of the vertebrae.

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