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Sciatic nerve can become irritated and this will result in the sciatic nerve pain. Human body has numerous nerves varying in size and the sciatic nerve has no match in this quality. Sciatic nerve goes from the fifth or fourth lumbar vertebra to the feet, passing along the thigh's back region, going behind the knee and the hamstring muscles.


We will see which are the possible causes of this problem. Sciatica nerve compression and spinal nerve compression can be the culprits behind the spinal disorder. Herniated disk is one of the possible causes of sciatic nerve pain and it happens because the sciatic nerve is pressed down by the herniated disk. which will lead to pain and inflammation. After these two initial symptoms, condition will probably cause weakness of the muscles, lower body tingling sensation and numbness felt in the extremities during the later stages of the condition. The spinal canal can become narrowed and when this happens, a person is to experience spinal stenosis, which is nerve compression disorder.

Pain felt begins when walking, sitting for a longer period of time, or when standing. Too narrow passage will cause the nerve compression, and thus the stenosis. Trauma can cause lower back pain and this usually occurs due to the roots of the lumbar spinal nerve, which are suffering a certain amount of force coming from outside the body. High impact injury can lead to the sciatic nerve pain if there is a piece of broken bone or some other fragment causing the nerve compression. Irritation of the sciatic nerve can be associated with the muscle found in the spine's lower areas called piriformis.

Sciatic nerve can become compressed when this muscle experiences a muscle spasm and this syndrome and situation is called piriformis syndrome. Spinal tumors are abnormal growths and, if they are developed in the lumbar area, they cause the sciatic nerve compression. One of the vertebra can slip a bit forward and go over the other one and this causes a degenerative disk disease called spondylolisthesis. This may cause the pinching of the nerve by the bone out of its normal location.


Treatment will depend on the symptoms and only after careful examination, the doctor can decide how to treat this problem. The most common treatment involves the use of muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medicines and resting. Sciatica exercises will be implemented in the treatment when the pain reduces. Some of the exercises included are hamstring stretches, child's pose, cow stretch, knee stir and some others. The results of this form of treatment may need some time to appear, but it is considered to be the best treatment option for the sciatica nerve pain.

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