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Abdominal pain may be just the same symptoms as a liver pain for some people and it shouldn’t be ignored. Patients often complain about pains but are confused if they need to identify location of the pain. And it should be remembered that liver is the most important organ in body.

Liver does indeed very vital body functions such as detoxification, hormone manufacturing and storage of glycogen. And it is based in abdominal cavity, just under the diaphragm. Human liver is red brown the liver weighs about 1.5 kilograms and it is the biggest organ in human body. Having a healthy liver is vital for anyone’s life and such pain, a liver pain is not something to be ignored.


Liver pain feels like a dull pain in the upper part of the abdomen on the right side and the pain may be followed with back pain and abdominal pain as well. Any delay of doctor may bring on further complications. Only few of the following symptoms are enough to indicate liver problems and it is not necessary to have all the symptoms.

The liver pain symptoms are:

right side of abdomen pain under the rib cage. The pain may be dull or sharp with or without back and shoulder pain. skin rash, spots on the skin, itching, yellow discoloration of eyes, dark circles around eyes and eye’s itching and swelling, over sweating, bad breath, bad smell of the body, itchy, inflamed, red palms or soles hard breathing, great fatigue, swollen testes,


The treatment of liver pain demands blood tests and urine tests. Liver pain may be pointing out at other hidden disorders. All possible symptoms need to be carefully examined and treated properly because liver is the most important internal human organ.

There are different causes of liver pain, and most of the causes are very severe and might be very serious, let alone life threatening. Liver pain may be caused by hepatitis A, B, and C. Liver cancer may be a final diagnose and the last stage of liver cancer manifests as a severe liver pain. Liver pain causes weight loss, appetite loss or fatigue.

Liver over-sensitivity and dysfunction may be caused by steatosis (a fatty liver): it is when fat accumulation increase size of the liver. There are other kinds of liver pain caused by enlarged liver and spleen, alcohol abuse, toxic overload or cirrhosis. All these condition may be dangerous for patient’s life.

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