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Oralhygiene is a certainly one of the most important things to pay attention to,especially if you are prone to certain teeth related conditions, such as rapid teethdecay, or gums that easily get infected and inflamed. Gum disease can vary frommilder cases, all the way up to the extremely severe ones which cause extremepain. The main culprit of intensive pain is certainly a gum disease. Thepresent pain in gums most frequently comes as a direct consequence of somephysical injury on the gum itself, or conditions such as gingivitis andperiodontitis. Certainly, the most frequent representation of this pain comesin the form of soreness of them gum itself, also known as tenderness. Othercommon pain followers are also redness and inflammation, accompanied by badbreath. All in all, it is determined that the main culprits of the gum diseaseare infectional fungal, viral or bacterial in nature. Just like pointed outpreviously, gum pain can be a direct result of many things, starting frominjuries all the way to severe gum diseases, of which a person can lose theteeth. How can gums be injured? This is a question which interests most people,and one of the answers is by severe brushing.

Amongthose more severe conditions, gingivitis is certainly at the top of the list.Its main symptoms are swelling of the gums and heavy inflammation, accompaniedby severe pain. Common as well is the tendency of this condition to make yourgums bleed, primarily because the gums are irritated. Main culprits are piecesof food and layer of bacteria accumulated on the teeth (know as plaque), whichgets stuck in space between our teeth and gums. The conditions that are created,as a consequence of this, are extremely favorable for the development ofbacteria, which further causes swelling and ultimately gum infection.

Theposition below gingivitis is occupied by another serious condition known asperiodontitis – which also attacks the bones which function as teethfoundation. Unless this severe condition is discovered in time, and treatedappropriately, it can have serious consequences and result in losing yourteeth. Pain that arises from milder injuries to the tissue is not something tobe worried about that much, since that sort of pain goes away on its own. Oneof the effective methods is to prepare a saline solution and wash your mouthwith it frequently. Aside from this method, baking soda also gives good resultsin relieving pain and bringing the process of bacterial growth to a halt. If,by chance, none of these methods ameliorates your problem, then you may becoming down with a more severe condition. In that case, you should visit aspecialist as soon as possible and see with him which steps need to be taken,so your conditions wouldn’t prove to be fatal for your teeth.

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