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The two most common types of gum disease are periodontitisand gingivitis. Gingivitis is usually characterized by certain symptoms such astenderness and inflammation of the gums. The cause of this condition is theformation of plaque on the teeth and the gums which is triggered by the actionof different types of oral bacteria. The condition may worsen over time if theplaque turns into a hard mineral shell called tartar which may erode the gumtissue and complicate the condition even more. Periodontitis is the last andmost severe stage of the condition and it is very difficult to treat. Duringthe progression of the condition the pockets get created between the teeth andthe gums which make it easier for the oral bacteria to eat away at the teethand ultimately lead to eventual tooth loss.


All gum and teeth diseases are caused by irregular times andimproper techniques in brushing teeth, improper rinsing and insufficient flossing.A diet that contains high amounts of sugar and insufficient amounts of vitaminC and certain other precious nutrients can greatly contribute to thedevelopment of numerous gum and teeth diseases. Smoking and chewing tobacco canalso increase the risk of diseases. Certain medications inhibit salivationwhich enhances the growth of the harmful bacteria in the mouth. Hormonal andgenetic factors may also affect the susceptibility to gum disease. People whosuffer from diabetes or any other condition that decreases the immune functionsand lowers the resistance to infections are more prone to chronic teeth and gumdiseases.

Herbal Remedies and Supplements

The natural supplements are very efficient in healing andrestoring sore and bleeding gums and they also have potent prophylacticcapabilities. Antioxidants like flavonoids and vitamin C can speed up theprocess of healing and keep the gum tissues from cellular damage. Coenzyme Q10stabilizes the teeth and keeps them healthy by reducing the pockets that getformed around the teeth due to the action of the bacteria. Combinedantioxidants are also very efficient in strengthening the connective tissue anddecreasing the inflammation in the gums. Topical therapies that contain vitaminE can be used to reduce inflammations and bleeding and they are also veryefficient in soothing the affected areas and promoting faster recovery andhealing.

Additional Methods

Brushing the teeth with a softer toothbrush and flossing atleast two times a day is highly recommended. One should clean the tongueas it collects the same type of bacteria that stick to the gums and teeth.

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