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Prevention of breast cancer

Here, we will discuss on how to prevent breast cancer and the following advice will be based on medical explorations. If you follow the upcoming advice, you will greatly decrease chances of developingcancer. First of all, you should try to be active, since studies showed that women who are active decrease their chances for developing breast cancer for 72%. You can do exercises, walk or practice yoga. Eat whole grains food instead of refined grains, because whole grains contain phytoestrogens that are efficient in breast cancer prevention. Eat beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables, which contain seeds. You can also take spices like cumin or anise that are also seeds. Substitute all refined food with natural, whole grain food.

Anotheradvice is to avoid vegetable oil and use animal fat, milk, butter or cheese. Numerous studies showed that women who consumed animal fat and avoided vegetable oils were less frequently affected by breast cancer. The same goes for those ladies who consumed milk often. Of all vegetable oils, it is best to use olive oil. Avoid tofu and soy drinks because they enhance the growth of cancer if you start using them after the pubescence. It is best to go with miso and tamari, because these soy products have the characteristic to prevent the development of cancer. Use fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants and don’t use supplements such as vitamin C and E, because they can only make things worse. Researches proved that the intake of these supplements enhances the growth of cancer, which is why you need to turn to different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables.

More advice on how to prevent breast cancer

Turn of all the lights when you go to sleep. Melatonin is a substance in our body that is created in the dark, and we need this substance because it prevents the development of cancer. If you sleep with your lights on, the production of melatonin will be inhibited, which can raise the chance for developing breast cancer for 36%.

Make an extract of red clover and drink it weekly, because this plant is full of phytoestrogens and we already mentioned how important phytoestrogens are. You can make the extract by putting one ounce of dried red clover in a jar and poor boiling water over it and close the jar. You can drink it after four hours. And at last, use a lot of seaweed. There are different seaweeds that you can buy easily and prepare them in different ways.

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