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When we discover a lump in our breast we immediately think its cancer. We panic and stress about it. It is necessary to check your breasts regularly; however, the panic is not essential. What are Lumps in the Breast

Some women may have noticed a bulge, protrusion or even a sore lump in one of their breasts. Some women may even notice that it comes and goes, this is because the tissue in the breast is basically reacting to the hormonal changes that are continually happening. However, of course, a lump can also unfortunately be the start of cancer but on the up side the majority of the lumps detected are actually benign.

What are the Causes of Throbbing Lumps in the Breast

One cause is the fibroadenomas which is not acancer. When you touch them they will feel quite portable inside. This particular type of lump will cause the host no pain and the likelihoods of this transforming into cancer later on are slim. A simply biopsy will confirm the type of lump you have. Some women may have been told by their doctor that they have something called fibrocystic breasts, this is simply a tenderness in the breast tissue. Sometimes when you feel a small lump about the size of a raspberry it could be a cyst that has fluid inside. Just before a women’s menstrual cycle begins the cyst starts to be sorer to the touch. It is best to see the doctor who may make the decision to drain the cyst to see the color of the fluid. If it comes out as transparent in color then there should be no cause for concern. However if there is blood visible in the fluid then a biopsy will be taken and tested. If a woman is breast feeding then they may get a lump filled with milk which gets infected called mastitis. This is quite sore and gives a burning feeling to the host when they are in the process of breast feeding.Breast Cancer

All women will panic over any lump in the breast because of the dread of cancer. It is a real concern and should not be taken lightly. The lump does not necessarily need to cause any pain what so ever. Doctors will tell you if the lump is cancerous by doing a test called a mammogram, ultrasound and also a biopsy of the lump.

Simple Life Style Changes

Try to avoid caffeine and chocolates. Eat healthily and take in the proper nutrients. Slow down on the alcohol, do more exercise and quit smoking. Having if you feel any form of a lump always seek the attention of a doctor.

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