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One of the issues, i.e. conditions that seem to be troubling many people nowadays is sweating in abundance. This unpleasant problem is in a direct relation to the hyperactive sweat glands, whose increased activity threatens to make the lives of many people a living nightmare by their potential to embarrass people when least expected. As a direct consequence of this condition, many persons dread to wear tight T-shirts, or even those perfectly fitting them, since their bodies tend to oversweat. In order for this problem not to get the best of a person, the best way to battle it off is by visiting a specialist who will examine you, determine the severity of the condition, and prescribe a proper treatment therapy. All it takes is making that one needed step to overcome the embarrassment that this unpleasant problem carries along and seek a professional help.

Culprits most common

Though this may appear to be a bit odd, to say the least, it is thought that hyperactive sweat glands are something that a person has inherited from the some other family member. Thus, one of the first steps to determining the cause is to do a small scale investigation on your own, aiming at determining who in your family has had the same problems at least once in his/her life. Aside from this quite serious reason, other common ones that induce too abundant sweating are food of poor quality, as well as beverages that a person consumes on a regular basis. In addition, never welcomed, excessive stress can also prove to be at the bottom of glands-hyperactivity. Those persons who experience this only for a short time may lay assured that at the bottom of this is a specific illness they are suffering from at that particular moment, which affected the overall thermoregulation system in their body.

Treatment methods and techniques

The basic treatment method of the overactive sweat glands, also commonly referred to as the hyperhidrosis, is based on paying special attention to the personal hygiene, as well as that of the person’s footwear and clothes. Those people who are especially having hard time with sweating in excess should resort to wearing socks made of cotton, which are known to be quite efficient in balancing well the circulation of the air and in that manner aid in preventing the sweating of the feet. Another quite successful method for battling the sweat is the application of medicated powders, which, once applied, have the ability to destroy all the bacteria that are guilty of causing the excessive feet-sweating. Also, there has been an increase in the use of super antiperspirants, whose vital ingredient – aluminum chloride, decreases the sweat output, whereas others only reduce the smell.

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