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Human body normally sweats under certain circumstances. Cold sweats are a body's reaction to specific states such as anxiety or nervousness. Everyone has at least once experienced cold sweats during his/ her lifetime. Apart from cold sweat a person may experience additional symptoms which may help in identification of the underlying problem.

Cold Sweat and Psychological Problems

Cold sweat is a typical characteristic of specific states such as fear and anxiety. As a matter of fact cold sweat is definitely one of the first symptoms of fear. Dangerous situations, nightmares and threat of any kind are triggers which increase the production of sweat glands and subsequent sweating. Anxious people generally deal with fear, panic attacks etc. and today anxiety is most commonly associated with stress at work, stress connected with relationships and it becomes a characteristic of hectic lifestyles. People suffering from anxiety frequently experience cold sweat.

Cold Sweat and Medical Conditions

One of the conditions commonly related to cold sweat is a heart attack. Among a variety of symptoms and signs, cold sweat is frequently reported in patients suffering from heart attack. This sign occurs together with fear and anxiety due to symptoms of the attack. Patient's face is covered with beads of sweat. Cold sweat may be also a feature of several more heart conditions.

Furthermore, low blood sugar level is also accompanied by cold sweat. The problem develops due to sudden drop of the level of sugar in blood. Low level of sugar in blood occurs either to insufficient and inadequate intake of food or is associated with insulin overdose.

Patients who are prone to hypotension (low blood pressure) may also experience cold sweat during the drop of the blood pressure. Hypotension is characteristic for pregnant women, it may also occur in infections, in case of blood loss, malnutrition and dehydration. Unexpected drop in blood pressure is also a side effect of certain medications.

Cold sweat can also affect people suffering from migraines. Namely, during the attack of headache the patients complain about many symptoms and signs. Cold sweat does not have to be a typical symptom of migraines but it may result as a consequence of the attack due to body's exhaustion.

Cold sweat additionally affects people suffering from hormone imbalance and certain immune disorders.

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