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“Extra” bother

In quite a lot of cases, once a person in question battles off a significant amount of excessive kilograms, the skin itself experiences certain significant changes – loss of firmness or nature given elasticity, for example. In order for this skin not to cause more ordeal than it already has, the person in question is often recommended a number of different, so-called, body lift surgical procedures. These represent a variety of the plastic surgery, with special emphasis on ironing all the loose ends and giving a person in question a desired and longed for look.

When it comes to determining exactly the right type of the body lift surgical procedure, this depends largely upon the area where the excessive skin is located on the body. Also, the procedure itself can be either a full body lift, or area specific body lift (e.g. just one specific area such as an arm, buttocks etc.). The people who get most benefits out of this type of surgical procedure are those who have previously undergone liposuction or a bariatric surgical procedure. In addition, women can also benefit much, more specifically those women who had only recently come out of the pregnancy.

Lift types

Full body lift – persons who have more than one area of excessive and hanging skin are the best candidates for a complete body lift. Such body lifts are especially beneficial for the people whose skin has suffered elasticity loss and did so on the entire body. Despite the fact that this surgical procedure has the longest convalescence period, due to its complexity, surgeons/doctors nevertheless, manage to reach the best possible end results.Breast lift – also commonly referred to as the mastopexy, is regarded as a certain favorite among the people. This surgical procedure is aimed at restoring the shape and the firmness of the person’s breasts. Given the fact that, in the course of aging, women do tend to experience some unpleasant moments with their breasts – the tendency to sag and lose form, it is no wonder why women regard this specific type of lift procedure an absolute winner, and a must come to that. In addition, for achieving even better results, this surgical procedure is often complemented by breast augmentation for getting more firm, full and perky breasts.Arm lift – known also as the brachioplasty, is the special variety of the lift procedures, aimed at freeing the person in question from the additional unnecessary skin in the upper arm region.Thigh lift – or thighplasty, is specifically aimed at those people who desire more firm, more dazzling and prettier legs.Butt lift – is more familiar under the name of Brazilian butt lift surgery, and is regarded as a quite frequent technique employed for making a person’s back section firmer and size enhanced. It is also beneficial for getting rid of additional unwanted skin, while at the same time, it improves the tone and makes the skin more tight.

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