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Over-the-counter medications for problems with prostate

The greatest majority of prostate problems and health issues requires the treatment, which is usually based on the use of medications. Surgery is suggested or necessary only in the most severe cases in which the use of medications either did not give the wanted results, or there is no point in giving it a try at all. However, the fact is that besides medications that the doctors prescribe, there is a number of those that can be bought over the counter, which means that they do not require prescription from the doctor. These non-prescribed medications include various herbs and herbal supplements, which are considered to be free of side effects, since they are either natural or based on natural ingredients. Still, this does not mean that these non-prescribed medications should be used without previous consultations with the doctor or specialist, because there is a chance that they might make the problem only worse. On the other side, even if they are believed to be helpful, it does not mean that the person who experiences some symptoms that usually indicate the problems with prostate should avoid visiting the doctor and examination, which is usually regarded as unpleasant for men.

Why are over-the-counter medications for prostate potentially dangerous?

Non-prescription medications might be dangerous for a number of reasons, but the most important one refers to the fact that the Food and Drug Administration did not officially approve them. Even though this might sound irrelevant, given that they are not based on chemicals, the truth is that this only proves that their benefits are based on experiences of other people, which does not prove that they are really effective. The lack of scientific evidence on their effectiveness, as well as on their negative side, makes their use questionable. There is a possibility that they cause some long-term consequences. Aside from this, there is another reason, which is closely related to this one. It refers to the fact that even herbal remedies and supplements have the potential to affect the chemicals in the body. When it comes to those who suffer from some prostate problem, this means that certain herbs might affect the results of the blood tests, which are usually suggested in order to confirm the diagnosis. On the other side, it is not excluded that some herbs might interfere with certain medications which are used in the treatment of prostate problems.

Still, none of this means that people should only turn to the medications approved by the FDA. No, herbal medicines should be considered as an alternative as well, but it is necessary to consult a doctor, particularly in severe cases.

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