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Diuretics are by the definition substances that help the body to get rid of the excess fluids through urination. Sometimes, especially if these are OTC (over the counter) drugs people call these medications “water pills”. It is best to consult your doctor about using any diuretic medications, whether they are prescribed or over the counter diuretics.

OTC diuretics are generally considered to be safe for people, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t produce any side effects. It means that if you are using them according to the instructions, there are small risks of side effects. However, be careful not to overdose these drugs or to combine them with some other used medications, because they might interfere and cause unwanted effects.

One could use homeopathic remedies, food, natural teas or herbs as natural diuretics. If you overdose diuretics you can experience various symptoms, including: sleeping issues, lack of iron, allergic reactions or skin problems.

Be careful, because OTC diuretics can eliminate the excess water from your body, but water carries many minerals and vitamins with it. As a result you could end up lacking some important nutrients even though you are eating healthy. Because of that, always follow the directions about the dose carefully.

Some of the well known diuretic substances are caffeine and cranberries. So, as natural diuretics, one could use coffee, cranberry juice and fresh cranberries, but also apple cider vinegar, watermelon or cucumber. All these natural diuretics are safe to be used moderately.

OTC Diuretics UseOTC diuretics are most commonly used to aid the weight loss. However, they don’t help in the long run because they simply aren’t meant to help you losing some weight. Their mechanism of action is removal of the retained fluids in the body, and because of that any weight loss they cause is temporary. Also, they don’t promote losing fat. OTC diuretics are not considered to be safe and healthy as weight loss aids, since the overuse can cause severe dehydration and dangerous lack of essential minerals.

The only OTC diuretic that is considered relatively safe to use in weight loss is apple cider vinegar.

There are some OTC diuretics, like Aquaban (pamabrom) suggested helpful in PMS (premenstrual syndrome) water retention. Don’t take these medications of you haven’t consulted your doctor.

OTC diuretics should not be used to treat hypertension or edemas. If you have any of these problems, consult your doctor and he/she will decide which prescription drugs you should use.

These medications should not be used by children, pregnant women or breastfeeding moms.

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