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Many people around the world have developed a habit of using over-the counter-medications especially if they are suffering from minor ailments. There is enormous number of medications available and many of them can be bought over-the-counter. Even though this may be convenient in many occasions even over-the counter medications have certain side effects and if one does not follow the rules regarding their administration there is a risk for certain complications.

Even though taking of such medications is necessary and helps with symptoms and signs of certain medications there is also a risk associated with intake of over-the-counter drugs. Allergic reaction is only one of many potential side effects of these medications. Special attention must be taken when it comes to children and elderly people as well as pregnant women who are particularly susceptible to some components and generally represent risk groups of patients.Risk of Excessive Dosage of Over the Counter Medications

There are cases when people do not read the instruction properly and take more medications than it is allowed. Excess of the drug may cause serious risk for person's health. In some cases the person may already take some prescribed medications that contain the exact ingredient found in over-the-counter drug. In such instance the total intake of the active component of the drug increases and the risk for serious complications rises. So, it is essential to pay attention on the dose of medication and its active ingredients.

Side Effects of Over the Counter Medications

Similarly to prescribed medications even over-the-counter medications have certain side effects. All potential side effects must be taken into consideration prior taking the particular drug. Furthermore, one must consult a doctor if he/ she chooses to use some over-the counter medications particularly if he/ she is already taking some prescribed medications. Interaction between prescribed and over-the-counter medication may cause inactivation of both drugs or increase in the activity of one of them with consequent side effects.

Food and Over the Counter Medications

It is essential to pay special attention on the diet during treatment with any kind of medication (prescribed or over-the-counter). Namely, some types of foods as well as beverages may influence absorption and administration of the drug. Furthermore, there is a chance of adverse reaction if the drug is taken together with certain types of foods or beverages. In general none of medications is allowed to be consumed with alcohol and people should stick to this rule.

Allergic Reactions Caused by Over the Counter Medications

As it is the case with other medications even over-the-counter medications may cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to specific components of the drug. This is why it is essential never to take any over-the-counter medication if there is allergy to any of its ingredients.

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