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Prostate problems are commonly seen in men over 50 years ofage. However, you should watch for the symptoms and report them to your doctor,regardless your age, since prostate problems may sometimes occur in youngerpeople.

One of the problems which can occur is prostate cancer. Everypatient diagnosed with prostate cancer should consult his doctor and talk withhim about possible treatment options. Your doctor will be able to suggest appropriatetreatments, based on your health, seriousness of the cancer and its spreadthroughout the body. There are two treatment options, traditional and natural. Traditionaltherapy involves the use of medications, which can bring quicker relief but mayalso cause certain adverse effects. Natural treatments are usually muchlonger-lasting, but they are considered to be safer for the patients. Your treatment preferences are also something your doctorwill consider, so always make sure to ask for all information about possibletreatments before your decide on anything. However, you must know that mediationsmight be your only option if your prostate cancer spread to other parts of yourbody.

Traditional Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Prostate problems are usually resolved using surgicalprocedures, radio therapy or chemotherapy and all of these should destroy orremove cancer cells.

Surgery is probably the most successful treatment forprostate cancer. This is not applicable in cases where the tumor is too big or ithas spread to surrounding tissue. Radio therapy uses X-ray, gamma rays orelectron waves to damage and stop infected cells, while the patients don’t feelany pain. Surgery and radio therapy are often used together in cases whentumors are located on one place in the body. Chemotherapy uses differentmedications and drugs to kill cancer cells and it is frequently recommended topatients suffering from metastasized cancers or as assistant methods tosurgery. In some cases, drugs used in chemotherapy may cause some unwanted sideeffects.

Biological therapy is yet another of the treatmentsavailable for patients suffering from prostate problems. This treatment usesproteins which are able to initiate immune system of the human body, produce lymphocytesand kill cancer cells.

Natural Treatment Options

Some of the most common treatment options for prostatecancer include herbal remedies and the use of supplements of vitamin D.

Red clover and saw palmetto herbal remedies are frequentlyused for patients suffering from prostate cancer, since they are proven todecrease amount of produced androgens and thus stop the metastasis of thecancer (cancer spread).

Vitamin D is also used in these patients, because itsmetabolites are found out to have inhibitory effects to prostate cancer cells.

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