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Prostate cancer is one of the top causes of death among the males all over the world, which means that the same goes for the male population in the USA. The conventional methods of treatment are usually based on a surgery procedure of some kind, which might be followed by radiation, although not necessarily.

Natural treatment for prostate cancer

The fact is that even though natural treatment can be helpful and effective to a certain extent, it does not mean that medications and doctor’s advice should be excluded from the treatment. On the contrary, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor whichever alternative option the person in question decides to try out, be it even an herb which is said to be beneficial. Alternative methods of treatment are mostly efficient in cases in which the cancer has not spread outside the prostate, which means in cases in which it has not metastasized. What every man with this problem should begin to use includes saw palmetto, selenium, lycopene and zinc.

Saw palmetto is beneficial due to its ability to block the production of DHT, the hormone known to contribute to the enlargement of prostate and its inflammation. This way, these processes will be either stopped or slowed down. There is no reason for fear of side effects, since none of them has been reported so far. Selenium is of crucial importance for the health of the prostate and if its levels are lower than normal, a number of problems might emerge. Foods such as garlic, grains and shellfish are its rich natural sources, although it can be consumed as a supplement. Lycopene has the ability to help in reversing certain malignant processes, and besides cooked tomato products, watermelons and grapefruits are also its rich natural sources. This antioxidant should be used for prevention of this type of cancer as well. Zinc is another mineral whose levels determine the health of this organ, which is why it is necessary to consume foods rich in it, although it is not a bad idea to use the supplements as well.

For those who have prostate cancer, the intake of all the mentioned nutrients should be increased and the person will certainly benefit from it. Aside from this, there are some alternative methods of treatment, which should also be considered as an option, but it is recommended to use them in combination with conventional treatment. Some of those methods are the Konov Principle and the method known as addressing the genetic memory, both of which focus on getting in touch with one’s deepest self.

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