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Ovarian cysts are usually not a reason for concern, but in anumber of cases, their presence can be the main culprit for infertility, pain,excessive bleeding and other problems. Since they are benign and harmless inthe greatest majority of cases, their treatment is not necessary unless theygrow in size so much to affect the functioning of some other organs. In suchcases, they need to be removed during a surgical procedure. However, what manywomen might not know is that there are some other ways of fighting ovariancysts. These ways are more natural and definitely less invasive than a surgery.They are based on the use of home remedies and herbs that are known and provento be helpful in the treatment of ovarian cysts. Still, it is necessary thatthe woman gathers all the possible information about her condition and thepossible solutions, because being well educated is what will definitely helpthe most in such cases. One more thing that everyone who sets on this kind ofjourney needs to know is that the problem will not disappear over one night.

Herbal remedies for ovarian cysts

Some of the herbs that are known to help in getting rid ofabnormal uterine growths, including ovarian cysts are chasteberry, red cloverand black cohosh. Chasteberry has the power to restore the balance of thehormones, as well as red clover. Black cohosh is also known for this potential,but it is know to regulate the menstruation as well.Herbs that help in cleansing the liver and the body fromtoxins are also helpful with this problem, and they include dandelion, milkthistle, as well as pollen that the bees make. What a famous Australian herbalistsuggests additionally includes walnuts, red chestnut and wild oats.Castor oil is a popular natural remedy for ovarian cysts, aswell as for liver problems and problems of the digestive system. All it takesis to warm the oil and apply it on the abdomen right above the ovaries.Besides herbal remedies, what a person needs to do refers tocertain changes in the diet, because carbohydrates and white flour and sugarparticularly are the fuel for the ovarian cysts. This means that food thatcontains them should be limited or even eliminated until the cysts disappear ordiminish in size. A diet based on fruits and vegetables is much morerecommended and whole grains, garlic and legumes are especially suggested.

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