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Sleeping pills over the counter

Sleepless Nights and Sleeping Pills

Quite a large number of people has difficulties when it comes to sleeping at night. The reasons could be many. Some of these are stress, daily frustrations and problems, underlying illnesses, restless leg syndrome and many others. Either way, we need proper sleep in order to function properly.

Lacking adequate rest is bound to result in a decrease of our concentration, awareness, performance in any field, giving birth to irritability, anxiety and other negative aspects of such a lifestyle. Thus, many individuals do their best to enable regular sleep every night. Some choose to exercise more, while others remove coffee from their lives. Also, some people give meditation or other stress management techniques a try. Many of these are known to work. Nevertheless, there are people who will end up awake in their beds, even after they have tried all of the above.

Then, the next logical option for most is buying over-the-counter sleeping pills. These are available in many variants. However, you need to be fully aware of the effect of the pills you are taking. The following lines will, therefore, explain some of the basic characteristics of sleeping pills which can be purchased without a prescription.

The World of Sleeping Pills

Before you even start thinking about purchasing sleeping pills for dealing with your insomnia, you need to be aware that this is no permanent solution. In fact, in time, the effect of the sleeping pills will gradually wear off and, unless you deal with the source of your sleeping problem, the insomnia will return.

Until that happens, you may opt for antihistamines, which are considered to be the best for these purposes. Originally being medications for treating allergies, antihistamines are very effective for helping you sleep since they prevent histamine from affecting us. Histamine is known to trigger our body's awareness and awakening.

Diphenhydramine is one of your choices. It will make you sleep better and protect your sleep from histamine, treating your allergies, if you happen to have some. This ingredient is present in many medications for OCD. Thus, take one pill, 30 minutes before bedtime.

Doxylamine is another variant. It also blocks histamine in your body, keeping you relaxed and in the mood for sleeping. It makes you more relaxed and, thereby, deals with your sleeping problems, helping you get a good shuteye. Usually, it is a part of many common flu medications. However, children should not use it.

Possible Side-Effects of Over-the-counter Sleeping Pills

Even though the above mentioned medications may help you sleep better, they can also make you drowsy and cause memory issues. Dry throat, constipation and urinary retention as well as enlarged prostate are common side-effects as well. Also, due to the sedating effect, you may feel lack of control over your motor skills, being clumsy and having balance troubles. Finally, you may experience blurred vision.

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