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The author of Eat Fat Look Thin, naturopath Bruce Fife, ND believes that you can in fact add fat into your diet and still lose weight. Mr. Fife declares that coconut oil can replace polyunsaturated oils which will suppress the person’s appetite, as well as boost their metabolism, thus equaling weight loss.

Mr. Bruce Fife’s Opinions on Coconut Oil

Mr. Fife states that the people who have used coconut oil in their diet have seen the results of weight lose. He also states that the people who claim to not lose any weight are just taking in too many calories still. He professes that he too tried the coconut oil diet and claims he lost twenty pounds over a period of six months. Mr. Fife’s advice is to use around three table spoons of coconut oil each and every day. He pronounces that you can use it either on your salad as a dressing, or add it to other foods, or if you like just take it straight.

How Does Coconut Oil Encourage Weight Loss

Mr. Fife believes that it works by simply preventing you from feeling hungry during and after a meal. It is a fact that has been proven in research that by taking in the certain fats you will feel satisfied quicker. The majority of fats are long-chain triglycerides but coconut oil is medium-chain triglyceride which is used like carbohydrates for energy use. The long-chain triglycerides fats are stored as fat deposits. The difference is that when you consume medium-chain triglyceride your metabolism will rise. The coconut oil supports thermogenesis which is the burning of calories for the creation of heat. According to Mr. Fife some people who suffer with a low thyroid function have stated that they notice their body temperature rises after the consumption of coconut oil.

Can a Saturated Fat Be Good for You

As most people are aware, coconut oil is extremely high in saturated fat. Animal fat is also classed as saturated fat. This is also the type of fat that has been prohibited from use on theatre popcorn by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Up until six years ago Mr. Fife would have been in agreement that all types of saturated fats lift up serum cholesterol and thereby cause heart disease. After a time he noticed that coconut oil was in fact being used in IV drips and also for infant’s medications. He researched and found that the medium-chain triglyceride is digested at a far more rapid speed thus providing nourishment and not harm.

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