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Olive leaves extract side effects

Its effects are, mostly, the symptoms of detoxification process. The usage of olive leafs has been in our history for thousands of years. At first, in ancient Egypt and in the regions of Mediterranean, it was used for heart difficulties. After that, olive leaf was involved in lots of scientific studies and researches, providing a lot of its medical abilities. Nowadays, it is included in nutrition because of its anti- aging, anti- fungal and immune boosting effects. In spite of this, some may feel side effects from the usage of olive leaf extracts.

Olive leaves extract benefits

Compounds that are found in olive leaves, such as oleuropein and hydroxyrosol, among others, are the ones that provide health benefits. Not only that it boosts the immune system but its extracts can inhibit the replication of virus and that is why it helps in curing cold or herpes, or malaria and tuberculosis. Because of its antioxidant properties, the body is more protected against free radicals that cause cellular damage. Olive leaves play a huge part in helping with heart diseases. Plus, because it dilates the blood vessels, oleuropein, reduces blood pressure in animals.

Olive Leaves Extract Side Effects

No serious side effects have been noted. Some, who experience so- called 'die- off effect', which are referred to detoxification symptoms, feel headache, diarrhea, skin rash, etc. Especially if the suffer from chronic fatigue. This happens when harmful microbes get destroyed by olive leaf extract, and then those dead microbes overburden the body. And when the body flushes them out, both them and the toxins they release, the symptoms go away. During that period, you should cut down on olive leaf extracts. If you have low blood pressure, take really good care when consuming olive leaf, because they can lower blood pressure. Breastfeeding and pregnant women should avoid taking olive leaf, simply because its effect on them has not been evaluated in a proper way so far. Also, talk to your physician about taking it if you're on some medications. And, if the side effects become too great to handle, make the dosage of olive leaf that you take somewhat smaller. A really important thing to remember, when taking herbal supplement, is to do only under direct instructions given to you by the health care provider. One last thing you should remember is to take big amounts of water, because water assists in flushing out the toxins from your body.

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