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Olive Leaf Extract

In this text we will talk about an extract that has been used for many yearsand even by the people of the ancient times. This is olive leaf extract, whichdoubtlessly has many health benefits. Ancient Egyptians were the first tosee the benefits that come from the olive leaf extract. The olea europhe is thebotanical name of the olive tree, and according to the Greeks, this tree wascreated by the goddess Athena, who made it to nourish the body, heal wounds, lightenthe darkness and cure illnesses. This extract was even used for treating malariain one period of the history. The benefits of the olive leaf are known eventoday. It has flavonoids, hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein, and these antioxidantsprovide the aroma that this extract has.


As we have mentioned, olive leaf extract has flavonoids. This item isresponsible for the popularity of this extract, due to its anti-inflammatoryabilities. Next benefit is the immune system strengthening. Since, it is filledwith antioxidants, the use of olive leaf extract will definitely make yourimmune system stronger. It is a good immune system enhancer, since it eliminatesthe bacteria and free radicals that can cause damage to the cells. Diabetes isa condition for the treatment of which olive leaf extract can be beneficial. Diabetes is aserious condition and the number of patients suffering from this problem isincreasing in America every year. According to some studies, diabetes can bemanaged with the use of the extract in question. The sugar level can be controlled this way, since it lowers the blood sugar level anddirectly affects the diabetes. This extract has phenols, oleanolic acid andflavonoids, which can be good companions in fighting with cancer. The oxidation of the LDL cholesterol can be prevented with the use of olive oilextract, and due to this effect, the heart can function normally. Also, it can preventthe bad cholesterol accumulation and prevent the damage that can be producedon the walls of the arteries. Many micro-organisms can create a diversity ofdiseases. Some studies say that this extract can eliminate thesemicro-organisms due to the calcium elanolate and several other components ithas. It can eliminate and prevent diseases due to the antiviral andantibacterial abilities. The olive leaf extract can be used for problems likecolon cancer, diarrhea, fever, flu, fatigue, muscle pain, body ache, herpes, influenzaand common cold. It you use this extract in a regular manner, no side effects are possible. Forthe end, we cannot say anything but to warmly suggest trying and incorporatingthis extract in your habits. This is especially suggested to those withcardiovascular problems.

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