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Use of Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract contains concentrated most effective substances from the grapes, which protect blood vessels from damaging, strengthen capillaries, prevent oxidation of fats and the development of myocardial infarction of heart muscle. It also regulates the level of HDL and LDL cholesterol and enhances circulation.

Also, grape seed extract stabilizes venous blood vessels, reduces the risk of varicose veins and reduces swelling and inflammation.

Grape seed reduces atherosclerotic plaques - fat deposits on the blood vessel walls and contributes to uncorking blood vessels.

Besides that, this extract reduces the risk of the eye structures damaging and the possibility of developing macular degeneration and cataracts.

Grape diet is also used for detoxification of the whole body.

This extract also acts as antioxidant, preventing cell damage caused by the influence of free radicals, radiation and various chemicals.

Grape seed extract is also good in controlling diabetes and its complications.

Grape seed extract is excellent cosmetic means which can be applied directly to damaged skin, burns from the sun, the skin of the face and body and the skin around the eyes. Grape seeds are well known ingredients of modern creams and other cosmetic products in pharmaceutical industries. Powerful antioxidants from grape seeds help in slowing the aging process (decay and morbidity of tissue) by fighting free radicals.

Since, ancient time the grape juice has been used as a mighty liver cleanser and as a help in eliminating urinary acid from the body. In addition to substances that support the cleansing of the body, grape is rich in potassium, which maintains an alkaline body system and stimulates beneficial functioning of the heart and kidneys.

Studies have shown that grape seed extracts have up to 50 times stronger antioxidant power than vitamin C and E. In addition, they have certain antiviral properties.

However, due to the complexity of grape seed composition it is not easy for digestion and in excessive quantities can cause cramping.

What Do Researches Say?

Studies confirmed that chronic use of red grapes and its products reduces the occurrence of the heart diseases and blood vessel disorders. It reduces the level of fat in the blood and prevents thrombus occurrence.

According to preliminary study results grape seed extract does not affect blood pressure. According to some researches the ingredients of grape seeds have a positive effect on a vision problem. Scientists of the University of Kentucky discovered that the extract obtained from grape seed in laboratory conditions, kills leukemia cells. Interestingly, the extract did not affect healthy cells, but the reason for that is still unknown. It has been known that grape seed extract provided good results in in vitro studies of skin, breast, lung, stomach, colon and prostate cancer, and this is the first study that demonstrates its effectiveness with hematologic cancers.

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