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Olive oil is very popular and it is commonly used fornumerous different sorts of culinary and medicinal purposes because it providesthe human body with various different kinds of health benefits and nutritionalvalues. It gets obtained from the fruits which grow on the olive tree. Olivetree is an evergreen tree which can be characterized by berry like fruits,silvery leaves and a trunk which is pretty twisted and gnarled more often thannot. It originates from the Africa, Asia and all the different Mediterraneancountries and its botanical name is olea europaea. Olive oil is an excellentsource of various precious nutrients. Olive leaf can also be used for thepreparation of olive leaf oil and olive leaf extract which can also be used forseveral medicinal purposes. Olive leaf extract is slowly becoming more and morepopular around the entire globe due to its almost magical properties. One ofits main purposes is the treatment of a medical condition known as Candida fungalinfection.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leafs are an excellent source of various beneficial chemicalcompounds. Those compounds are commonly antioxidant substances and they includepolyphenols, flavonoids, hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein. Olive leaf extract isalso jam packed with other important nutrients such as amino acids, chromium,vitamin C, selenium, beta carotene, zinc and iron.

Olive Leaf Extract for Candida

Olive leaf extract is known for its very potentantimicrobial properties, which means that it can be used for the treatment ofvarious different fungal, viral and bacterial infections. It can also come invery handy when it comes to helping all those who suffer from the Candidainfection. If a person’s immune system is too weak, it usually is not capableof fighting different kinds of infections on its own and that is where theolive leaf extract kicks in. It is very efficient in boosting the immune system.Candida infection is triggered by a certain type of fungi and it is commonlycharacterized by certain symptoms such as chronic fatigue, constipation,constant headaches, skin irritations and several others. Antioxidants from theolive leaf extract come in very handy when it comes to strengthening the immunesystem and warding off the infection. Perhaps the most important of all theantioxidant compounds is the one known as oleuropein. Olive leaf tea consumedon a daily basis should help with fighting the infections off. One should notuse olive leaf extract before consulting a doctor.

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