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Thisparticular health condition can be described as the one in which the liveritself gains in size, and does so more than it is considered to be normal andusual. For those people who are not that well informed regarding this bodyorgan and its characteristics, it is the largest gland, situated in the upperright area of the abdominal cavity. When it comes to its role, it is important to know that it is essential for the proper functioning of our metabolic system andthe related processes that take place in our body. Namely, it is responsiblefor breaking down those vital nutrients, and also for facilitating the fatsabsorption in the intestinal region by means of producing the bile juice usedfor digestion. In case the inflammation occurs, then this is the indicator thatcertain more grave condition is at work. In a plainer term, it is also known ashepatitis.


Amonga number of culprits present, there are but a few of them that are consideredto be most frequent. One such is the occurrence of an infection viral in nature,inside the liver. As far as those most frequent viral infections are concernedthose are hepatitis A, B and C, respectively. Second in line is the alcoholichepatitis, which befalls those people who have been heavy drinkers for quitesome time. One of the reasons is that the metabolite, which is found inalcohol, is extremely dangerous and injurious when it comes to the liver cells.Third in line are of course various drugs, both medicinal and thoserecreational ones. The degree of liver damage in this case depends solelyupon the drug dosage and the length of time that they have been taken by the personin question. Another important information is that, if the inflammation itselfis present longer than six months, then one should know that acute hepatitis ispresent.


Whenit comes to the onset and the first phase, no manifestations are usuallypresent and visible, and there is no unpleasantness felt due to the presence ofthe liver inflammation. After this initial phase has passed, a person starts toexperience slight pain in the liver region, which is then followed by a moreintense inflammation, swelling in the bottom part of the rib cage and softnessto the touch. In case this continues, then the inflammation transforms intojaundice. Other manifestations also include the appearance of fever, urine darkin color, yellow skin, and the occurrence of the white areas around person’seyes.


Asfar as the treatment methods and techniques are concerned, it, first andforemost, depends upon the degree of damage that liver has suffered. And this can bedetermined by means of liver function tests. As far as medical treatment isconcerned, there is unfortunately no technique for treating the cause of acuteform of hepatitis viral in form. One of the ways to ameliorate it and speed upthe healing and the treatment is by means of anti-viral medicines.

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