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Unpleasantand highly unbearable

Thisis one of those conditions that mostly last only for a short period of timebut can cause quite a lot of pain to a person in question. Cramps appear oncethere occurs an unpredicted involuntary contraction of a muscle (or moremuscles at once) in the person’s leg. Though as mentioned above, it is usuallyshort in duration, sometimes they can stretch over longer periods of time, suchas ten to fifteen minutes. The pain they cause is described as sharp anddifficult to bear, which has the tendency to make the leg muscles extremelytense. Having target areas in mind, most frequently affected are the hamstring,quadriceps and calf muscles. As far as the target groups are concerned, crampsbefall most often older people, but even those younger people can quite easilycome down with cramps.

Interms of relieving and remedying this condition, the best solutions include thecombination of medicines and the appropriate health care to complement theentire treatment process.


Whenit comes to those most frequent culprits that induce cramps in the person’sleg, it must be pointed out that there is more than one. Certain more severeillnesses such as anemia, thyroid gland diseases, Parkinson’s disease are known to havethe potential to weaken leg muscles and thus bring about the unpleasant cramps.In this regard, women are most sensitive during their pregnancy, and they aremost prone to cramps in the nighttime. In addition, such irregularities as theimproper posture while one is performing specific exercises can also ultimatelylead to occurrence of cramps. In case the body loses too much fluid anddehydration occurs, as well as due to the excessive use of diuretics, theremight occur a decrease in the content of electrolytes, which leads to musclefatigue and also to muscle cramps. In the same manner, another possible culpritis obesity, since the excess of weight has the tendency to pressurize the legmuscles to a great extent, thus initiating the occurrence of cramps in them.

Reliefand treatment

Thefirst and foremost thing to do once a cramp settles in your leg muscles is to find away to get instant relief and thus avoid any further painful complications. Forexample, if you get affected during the night, the worst thing one can do is getup that very same moment since this will only make things much worse. One shouldattempt to stretch his/her leg as much as possible and keep it that way forapproximately thirty minutes. Also, gentle rubbing of the sore spot on the legaids in easing the muscle tension and so do the cold packs.

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