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Noni Juice

We will be talking about the benefits and side effects associated with the use of noni juice. Herbal plant called noni fruit is the source of this juice and it has the official name Morinda citrifolia. It has some other names as well (such as beach mulberry, Tahitian noni and Indian mulberry) and it can be found in Pacific Islands, Dominican Republic, Indian subcontinent and Costa Rica. Pacific Islands is where the use of this fruit has a long history and where it has been used for treating many health problems. This juice is low in fat and rich in carbohydrates and dietary fibers. Problems such as digestion issues, ulcer problems, headaches, neck pain and back pain can be treated with this juice. The use of noni juice can prevent some diseases and infections from occurring because it makes the immune system strong. As you can see, there are some health benefits associated with the consummation of this juice, but on the other side, there are some side effects that have to be mentioned as well.

Side Effects

There are some stories that this juice provides the health benefits without the possibility of side effects appearing, but none of them is true. They can occur and they are mostly associated with the excessive consummation of this juice. Headache is the first of the possible side effects we will mention. It can be caused by excessive use of noni juice although problems like migraine and headaches are treated with this juice. However, when drinking it for this purpose, it should be drunk in prescribed doses. There is a possibility of cough after the long-term use of noni juice. Diabetics can have problems after the use of this juice because it is rich in glucose and sugar and it can cause the rise of the blood sugar levels. There is another possible side effect and it is skin rash. Constipation can occur if you drink noni juice excessively. This problem needs to be dealt with immediately or it can lead to future problems such as intestine damage due to the increased level of constipation. Those who are suffering from renal disease should never consume this drink without prior consultation with a doctor. Also, problems such as breath shortness and other breathing problems could be a result of intake of noni juice. Bad odor urine, bad breath, gas problems, bloating, acne, heavy periods among women, diarrhea, tiredness, fatigue and joint pain are possible side effects as well.

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