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The following text will focus on the Aloe Vera. This plant comes from Africa originally and the first people to use it were the Egyptians. There are many uses of this plant, such as preparation of health drinks, cosmetic products, medicines and a lot more. It is very popular due the many health benefits associated with it. We also have to mention that this plant is associated with some side effects as well and we will mainly talk about them in this article. One of the most common side effects is allergic reaction and this side effect is connected with the fake products, high dosages and using Aloe Vera in combination with other medications. Also, pregnant women is a group of users who need to be careful when using Aloe Vera due to the possible side effects

Side Effects

There are many benefits to this plant discovered first by the ancient Egyptians, and we should mention the side effect. They are rare but possible. You do not need to consult a doctor before using this plant, but if the problems start to appear, it is best to go to a doctor's office and consult a professional. Although this plant has some side effects, we have to conclude that it is most beneficial for the human body. People without certain diseases or who do not use other medications do not have to be afraid about using Aloe Vera. But there are some very serious and major side effects associated with this plant and we will see which.

Major Side Effects

The use of latex Aloe Vera can lead to red urine and this will lead to cramps and abdominal pain. Products that contain anthraquinone are one of the causes of this issue. As we have mentioned, allergic reactions are some of the most common side effects and they will be accompanied by rash or itching. Laxative present in the juice of Aloe Vera can develop electrolyte imbalance. Diarrhea and intestinal cramps are possible side effects, along with the miscarriage and uterine contraction, which are the symptoms that only target pregnant women. Those with ulcers, stomach pain, hemorrhoids, appendicitis, diverticulosis, intestinal obstruction, colitis, gastrointestinal illness and irritable bowel syndrome should not use this plant. The loss of potassium can be caused by Aloe Vera if used in combination with corticosteroids. Also, elderly and children are advised not to use Aloe Vera. Other possible side effects are impaired healing of the wounds and loss of electrolytes. People who use diuretics for the arrhythmia, digoxin, oral steroids or other medications need to be careful with using this herb. Side effects associated with Aloe Vera are usually minor, but more serious can also occur and they are usually a result of overuse.

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