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Aloe vera juice has several health benefits but side effects as well which will be discussed in this article.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a succulent plant well known for its medicinal properties. It was used as a remedy all over the world since the ancient times, mostly for treating wounds, burns and cuts. Apart from that, Aloe vera has been used for relieving constipation, boosting the immune system, treating kidney problems and other health problems. However, Aloe vera is also associated with certain adverse effects. Aloe vera is widely available in the market and it can be found in the form of gel, juice, powder and it is often added to products.

Benefits of Aloe Vera JuiceAloe vera has been always used as a home remedy for it soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera supports natural healing of damaged skin due to burns, wounds, irritation, cuts, insect bites and other injuries to the skin. Aloe vera also helps moisturize and soften the skin and protects the skin from the sun. This plant is helpful for treating genital herpes and psoriasis. Aloe vera has laxative qualities and when used orally, it may help with constipation and other intestinal problems. Internal use of Aloe vera may also help for improving glucose levels in diabetics and relieve symptoms of ulcerative colitis. Aloe vera juice is known for treating symptoms of acid reflux disease and it promotes the immune system due to its antioxidant properties. Aloe vera has antibacterial and antifungal qualities as well. Some people use Aloe vera for weight loss and it has been proven as effective for that purpose. Aloe vera juice can be used for detoxification since it improves function of the colon.

Side Effects of Aloe Vera Juice

Before you start to use Aloe vera juice, you should know its side effects. Side effects of this herbal remedy mainly occur due to improper dosage or usage for extended period of time. Juice of Aloe vera can cause abdominal cramps, diarrhea, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance if taken for prolonged time due to its laxative effects. Pregnant women as well as those who are breast feeding should avoid Aloe vera juice because it can induce diarrhea. Since Aloe vera helps to lower blood sugar level it can be harmful to diabetics who are already taking medications for glucose reduction because it can considerably decrease sugar level in blood. Also, people who are suffering from low blood sugar levels can experience side effects of Aloe vera juice. Some people may have an allergic reaction to juice of this plant which can manifest as skin rash and irritation. Aloe vera juice is not recommended for children and people suffering from diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal obstruction, colitis, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, and diverticulitis.

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