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The Mangosteen fruit and juice

Mangosteen fruit is a new addition to many health improvement aimed products, and with good cause, as it is proven to provide protection from diseases like diabetes, cancer, dementia and others that relate to age and lifestyle.

A fruit originally from China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, the Mangosteen fruit also grows in Africa, Asia and the Pacific islands. Certain tribes in the region of the Pacific have been known to utilize Mangosteen to relieve pain and treat infections and fever, but only in recent times have these properties been scientifically studied. The Mangosteen fruit is filled with nutrients, and possesses a taste similar to that of a peach mixed with an orange. It is harvested from the mangosteen tree. The Mangosteen tree demands tropical climates and sufficient rainfall for normal, unfettered growth which, while slow, produces high amounts of fruit per year.

The content of Mangoseen

Mangosteen contains potent antioxidants, beneficial for healthy skin and cell damage prevention, as well as for combating free radicals. Free radicals are the damaging results of toxin, pollution and bad diet exposure, and they pose grave risks for the health of individuals due to their ill effect on the immune system. To successfully defend itself from these free radicals, the body requires an influx of antioxidants, normally obtained from food. The xanthone content of Mangosteen can combat viruses and bacteria, as well as various inflammations. The two forms of xanthone in this fruit, Alpha and Gamma Mangostin, are considered to be some of the most potent antioxidants in existence.

Mangosteen benefits and effects

Scientific studies and clinical trials have shown the Mangosteen fruit is able to harbor many varied and beneficial health effects, including support of the body’s organs and health maintenance. Ingesting the juice of the Mangosteen instead of the fruit is suggested, as the juice is easier to absorb into the body. Its rumored to have antidepressant, anti-diabetic and anti-leukemic traits, as well as its ability to treat Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, are yet to be analyzed thoroughly and confirmed scientifically. Its vitamin B, potassium, calcium, Vitamin E and iron content make it very nutritional, and it can also boost the immune system. Mangosteen juice can remedy a variety of conditions, including pain, diarrhea, anxiety, fatigue and depression, and usually carries no negative consequence or side effects with it. Mangosteen juice can however interfere with the process of blood clotting, as well as reactions relating to food items and drugs, as well as constipation. Therefore if under medication or suffering issues with any of the aforementioned conditions, professional medical advice is recommended.

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