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The side effects of the borage oil are more than possible and they are mostly associated with the excessive usage of this oil. This problem can also be caused by incorrect dosage and some other factors. Borage is an herb from which the borage oil is made of. This herb comes from the Middle East but today it is also available in the Mediterranean area, North Africa and South America. The herb looks like a star so it is called starflower as well. It has blue petals pointed and narrow and hence the name. The borage stem was very popular in the past and even took part in the writings of certain authors. In the past, it was used for curing many disorders and diseases, but in these times it is a commercial plant used for making profit only. The benefits of the borage oil are known to people and so we have many companies that use this plant to make products for millions of customers.


Rheumatic disorders, inflammations and skin care are areas where borage oil is most effective. It can hamper the prostate cancer cell growth among males, prevent the blood clotting, improve the circulation of the blood, but it also helps in cases of the peripheral neuropathy, with hot flashes, premenstrual symptoms and infertility. Borage oil can help you avoid cholesterol and heart problems due to the body serum decrease, which can be caused by the borage oil's ingredient called GLA or the gamma linoleic acid. But side effects have to be mentioned as well, although they happen mostly due to excessive use of it.

Side Effects

You have to be familiar with the possibility of these side effects but do not think that every person who uses this oil will suffer from them. Headaches are the most common side effect and they occur due to the borage oil conversion to the prostaglandin E1. Churning in the stomach is a feeling that people tend to feel if they consume this oil on an empty stomach and this will lead to nausea, which is another possible side effect. The side effect that probably happens due to the exaggerated consummation of the borage oil is food indigestion. The next side effect is bloating and it probably occurs due to the prostaglandin E1, which is known to cause water retention and the mentioned bloating. You have heard what side effects can occur due to the consummation of borage oil, but you can prevent them by consuming the oil in right doses and consulting a doctor before you start to use the oil in question.

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