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Having in mind how frequent are the topics about the issue of beauty in general nowadays, the attention paid on the concept of beauty, which is very demanding in the modern society we live in, it is logical to assume that there are a lot of ways on how to look the best. And that is why having the beautiful and healthy-looking skin is a must. That is, there are a lot of the cosmetic product for rejuvenation and the improvement of the quality of the skin in general, but, there is an increasing number of the surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures every day.

The most effective treatments

It is also good to have in mind that the surgery for the cosmetic purposes is the quickest solution for some skin problem, but it is, at the same time, very costly and more invasive than the intervention that excludes the surgery. Therefore, it is natural to conclude that these therapies are becoming every day more and more accepted and popular. For example, mesotherapy is already widely used for making the skin younger, the slimming down, getting rid of the wrinkles and the shaping of the body. Similarly, the therapy called Thermage is the most successful face lifting technique and the injection that fill the dermis are also non-invasive, but effective treatments.

So, Thermage is the treatment focused on making the skin tighter, by the use of the special radio waves which actually encourage the warmth of the collagen, which is located deeply into the skin. At the same time, the epidermis is made cooler, and in addition, the new collagen is made. Only small inflammation can appear after the therapy, but it usually goes o its own. However, the first notions of the changed skin quality are seen within the period of two months and one half of a year after the treatment is performed.

When it comes to mesotherapy, it is focused on injecting the basic vital nutrients just below the uppermost layer of the skin. This treatment is, thus, effective in dealing with the cellulite, slimming down, the encouragement of the hair growth and on making soother the skin of the neck and the facial skin. Nevertheless, it is the most beneficial for the removal of the excessive fat, since those injections cease the process of the fat storage, and, related to that, they also successfully remove the accumulated cellulite cells, by encouraging the better blood flow in those areas. Skin is also tighter and soother, and, since it doesn’t lack in the nutrients no more, it looks younger and healthy.

And, there are some more popular treatments that don’t include surgery: dermal fillers (can be also used for enlarging some part of the body), Obagi nu-derm (focused on the blemishes), Botox (which successfully replaces the aesthetic surgery) and radiesse.

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