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Laser surgery is one of the most wide spread treatments for both wrinkles and acne scarring nowadays. During the laser surgery procedure your doctor will treat your skin with a laser. Laser resurfacing showed very good results on wrinkles and scars.

During the treatment with CO2 and erbium laser the damaged cells on the surface of the face are vaporized. After the healing period they will be renewed and rejuvenated. The collagen from the skin gets thicker again and the result is healthy skin. If your wrinkles are shallow, they will not be visible any more and even deep ones will look better. Acne scars will fade away completely. After CO2 treatment and recovery period, the whole skin on your face will be smoother and tighter.

The N-Lite laser will help your collagen renew in a natural way.

Laser surgery will work best if you repeat the treatment several times. Your wrinkles and scarring will indeed look less visible but they will not disappear completely. At least not after only one treatment.

You need to know that it takes a while to recover after treatment.

Parts of the skin where you have wrinkles and acne scars are lower than the rest of the skin on your face and that is why they are visible on light. Actually light throws a shadow on them and make them obvious. After laser treatment the skin on wrinkles and scarring will renew and it will not be so deep as it used to be.

CO2 and Erbium lasers vaporize your skin and therefore your skin will be burnt. The same amount of time that you would need to let any type of burn heal is exactly the time that you will need to recover.

If you are lucky enough to have fine wrinkles and small scars, a single treatment might be enough to achieve desired results. However, if you suffer from deep and old scars and wrinkles you will need several treatments for sure. Each time you will need some time for your skin to recover.

The recovery period is shorter after treatment with N-Lite laser since it does not leave burns on skin. In fact with a little bit of make up on your face you can immediately start living normally. Another advantage of such treatment is that it does not hurt and therefore you do not have to take anesthesia. N-Lite laser does not destroy older and superficial layers of the skin but only stimulates the renewal of existing collagen.

In order to choose the most appropriate laser treatment for yourself you need to bear in mind that each one of them have good and bad sides.

CO2 laser surgery generally shows the best results in the end but you need to leave time to recover properly.

Erbium laser treatment has a slightly less successful results but the healing period is shorter. You can start living normally after a week.

N-Lite is not painful and does not require a healing period. However, the results vary from satisfactory ones to small improvements. The desired results are sometimes archieved slowly and after several repetitions.

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